Mexican Wolfboys – Skatization of the Christian West official Video

This is no joke. Skate the system, motherfuckers.
Order the new MEXICAN WOLFBOYS record right here. Shipping starts in a couple of days. And tomorrow (friday, 17th) is also the official release show at the AZ Aachen. Swing by!

PREORDER our newest releases. Now! Do it. Do it.

Hello again. You can preorder the newest shit on Rockstar Records now.

NIGHTMEN – C’est la vie Goodbye EP

MEXICAN WOLFBOYS – Skatization of the Christian West LP

Nightmen – AHAHAHAH (OH NO) – Official Video

Check out this fabulous video for AHAHAHA taken from NIGHTMEN’s newest EP. It’s gonna be released on April, 1st but you can already preorder it. No April fools – just great stuff.

New Releases for Sale.

Yo. You can order the newest shit on Rockstar Records now.

Ruby – Ruby 7″

Pretty Hurts – S/T LP

Komplikations – Humans 12″

News Mews Phews

We have a ton of new releases coming up. And they are pretty great, too!

So if you need any x-mas gifts for your loved ones or people you really really hate, be ready to get out your check book. Or is it paypal-account nowadays? Hm, doesn’t sound that great. Anyway.

Look and listen closely.

Pretty Hurts – s/t LP

Coming up in a few weeks. This is their first full length and their second release on Rockstar Records. We are very happy, excited and proud to be a part of their journey through the sound of noise’n’punk. Killer album!


Komplikations – Humans EP

Humans“ is already the 4th release by this exceptionally good band from the borderlands of Germany, France and Belgium. And they don’t get boring, if anything these songs are more intense than ever. Coming sometime this year, we’re hoping…you enjoy this one for now!

But there’s still more!

We will have a brand new full length album from Aachen’s own THE MEXICAN WOLFBOYS  out soonish! Expect a wild ride through Punk Rock and Roll and Shit. It’s too soon to show you the artwork but we’ll have a song for you in a couple of days! So, you can look forward to that and get into your early christmas spirit…

Last but not least we’re very happy to release the newest project by ex-members from Idle Hands, Blank Pages, Die Tunnel, Out on a limb, Dulac and Randy’s Ripcord. Yeah, you read that correctly.

RUBY is going to put out a neat 7″ in the next couple of weeks to support their upcoming tour. ..just the announcement should get you excited.
We will keep you posted w/ artwork, songs, preorder? Dunno – we’ll see 🙂

New Band. New Song. New Video -> Here’s JANELLE for you!

Coming this June! „Fault Lines“ by Janelle on a nice piece of vinyl.
Janelle is a new duo from Philadelphia who are good friends with Eric from Spent Flesh and FDH Records who is a good friend of Rockstar Records. Fortunately we really liked the music, so we’re doin this together with him and the band. A threeway. Kinda. Cool stuff.
If you’re not already into a genre that mixes Shoegaze with Indie & Synthiepop you most definitely will be after listening to Janelle. Great guys, great music, great album.
Watch this and enjoy.

More good things coming soon – like the whole album on bandcamp and so on!

Video: Don’t – I could never be the same

Don’t from Portland (Oregon) have just released a video for „I could never be the same“ from their upcoming album Fever Dreams on Rockstar Records!

Vinyl will be available soon.

FREE Rockstar Records Winter 2015/16 Compilation

Early XMas present for you Ladies & Gents!
Last december, we had this brilliant idea to compile a labelsampler including all of your favourite bands. And what do you know – it only took us 12 months to „release“ this free-download-rockstar-records-winter-kompilation…wheeeeeeee
With unreleased songs and stuff.
Including KOMPLIKATIONS, Trainwreck, No More Art, Don’t, Pretty Hurts, Toys That Kill, Modern Pets, Miscalculations, Casanovas Schwule Seite (janz offiziell), many many more and of course Thee DKB

Miscalculations – Kill The Whole Cast – LP out now!!!

September 8th 2015 / R$R056 / Format LP

Regular Edition Offset Cover
Rockstar Edition Silkscreened Coverart (this one…)
Rockstar Club Edition Silkscreened Coverart (different Colors)

Side A
01. The Worst Possible Advise
02. Silk For Month
03. The Same Needle
04. Broken Skin
05. Impossible To Trace
06. Metamorphosis
Side B
01. Without A face
02. Kill The Whole Cast
03. The Portait Paints Itself
04. Organ Donor
05. Born Blind
06. Sunburned In Sleep

Kill The Whole Cast

Miscalculations have done it again! This is their third strike and they’re getting better with every new record! This album will blow you away. We’re very happy to release Kill The Whole Cast in a highly limited edition of 85 handnumbered silkscreened alternate covers. Oh, and those 12 awesome songs are scratched into a beautiful black/white splatter vinyl lp. Released in cooperation with FDH (US) and P.Trash for Germoney. Get yours right here at PUNKORDER.COM

Pretty Hurts – Make Graves 12″ PREORDER

Six song shooter from this awesome new band that hails from Berlin.

PRETTY HURTS easily combine punk rock with noise, melody and with different layers of post hardcore. And they get away with it! These nervous half a dozen tracks sound like an angrier version of some DC Bands during the ‚Revolution Summer‘ mixed with post-modern scandinavian noise bands.
You won’t find any moments of dullness on this one…

Limited to 93 copies on white vinyl!

Get yours right here at Only one per customer!