Spent Flesh – Deviant Burial Customs

February 15 2015 / R$R052 / Format 7″

Official tour edition offset cover, in coop w/ P.Trash

Rockstar edition Silkscreen Skull Art / Black Vinyl
P.Trash edition Silkscreen Skull Art, different Colors / Black Vinyl
Rockstar Club edition Silkscreen Tooth Art / Black VinylBuy it!

Side A
01. Cutest Death Ever
02. Feel Like Shit
03. Gay Love
04. Final Swedish Step-Dad Rage
05. Cri Du Chat
Side B
01. Born Again Palestinian
02. Leather Weather
03. Hikikomori
04. ………….


American noise punks Spent Flesh return with a follow up to 2012’s well received self titled 10″ with a new 7″ to support a spring 2015 European tour. In their latest offering „Deviant Burial Customs“, Spent Flesh systematically dissect, and unapologetically destroy hardcore punk and traditional song structure all while paying homage to the influences of generations before. In the words of Pablo Picasso, „Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Spent Flesh takes highlights of American hardcore in the 1980’s and effortlessly blend them with pop punk, noise, and some avant-garde elements. This collection of songs is constantly mutating at break neck speed, all served up in a wonderful mess that blasts thru 9 songs in just over 13 minutes.