Voight-Kampff – Last House on the Right

March 25 2015 / R$R055 / Format 7″

Regular Edition Offset Cover
Rockstar Edition Silkscreened Coverart
P.Trash Edition Silkscreened Coverart (different Colors)
Rockstar Club Edition Silkscreened Coverart (different Colors)Buy it!

Side A
01. Last House on the Right
Side B
01. Little Dyings


VOIGHT-KAMPFF are back with two new killer songs! These are the first recordings since their debut in 2012 and you can hear that for sure. ‚Last House on the right‘ and ‚Little Dyings‘ are a little bit more in the wake of Colin’s last band SAFEWORDS, which means more Post than Punk, more Computer than drums and more Wave than Garage. This 7″ could have been a really great release in the 80’s – now it’s an even more awesome new little platter for the Generation Y or whatever the hell young folks are called these days. Released in cooperation with P.Trash for Europe.