No More Art – The Empty Well 7″

April 16th, 2016 / R$R058 / Format 7″

Regular Edition 94 copies on black vinyl w/ silkscreen cover
Rockstar Club Edition Black vinyl w/ alternate silkscreen coverBuy it!

Side A
01. The Empty Well
Side B
Space for your notes…

The Empty Well

Maybe you already know this, but No More Art is no more. The band broke up last year shortly after releasing their great full length on Rockstar. And no, that wasn’t the reason for the band’s sudden death you mean person! Other Liabilities, kids, moving to different cities and other stuff eventually did the job, I guess. As sad as we are about this awesome band’s departure – we’re very happy to present you their farewell release – The empty well. An acoustic song from the recording sessions of „Sorrows of Youth“ And it may be their very best tune. Limited run of 94 copies – released on (definitely not for) Record Store Day 2016.