Janelle – Fault Lines LP

July 2016 / R$R059 / Format LP

Regular Edition Black Vinyl, Offset cover
Preorder Edition Black Vinyl, Offset cover w/ silkscreen art
Rockstar Club Edition Black vinyl w/ alternate silkscreen coverBuy it!

Side A
01. Destroy
02. Bed of Lies
03. Never / MBC
04. Slow Heart
Side B
01. Long Run
02. Syncopation
03. Hate
04. Mantown

Fault Lines

JANELLE from Philadelphia is a trio that mixes up genres since 2013. After putting out two tapes on SUICIDE BONG TAPES it’s time for them to get their first proper vinyl release. It’s kinda hard to describe the defining sound of FAULT LINES, but here ya go: Put a little bit of synthies and Indie into a glass bowl and stir it up with a nice portion of Shoegaze until it cracks. Now sprinkle the tangled mass with some catchy melodies and enjoy dark sounding titles like „HATE“ or „DESTROY“. Sounds contradicting to you? Well, give it a listen and you’ll know! Released in cooperation with FDH Records (USA). This european version is imited to 150 copies!