Pretty Hurts – S/T LP

January 2017 / R$R060 / Format LP

Regular Edition Black Vinyl, Offset cover
Rockstar Club Edition Black vinyl w/ alternate silkscreen coverBuy it!

Side A
01. Cold Sweat
02. Paranoia Love
03. Own Myth
04. Solitary Whistle
05. Got A Beat On You
06. Koma
Side B
01. Past Your Time
02. Hostility
03. Ospelt
04. Distressful Youth
05. Bliss On A Leash
06. Wear Me Out
07. Athica

Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts are pretty great! Their second release on Rockstar is also their first full length album and it’s a big step forward. If you look up this band in your mental drawer, you’ll find them somerewhere between dirty Noise and raunchy Punk. This young trio from Berlin still delivers great quality noise but incorporates a little bit more melody into their songs since their last release. Awesome LP overall – 13 songs. All killer, no filler.

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