Mexican Wolfboys – Skatization Of The Christian West LP

March 17, 2017 / R$R061 / Format LP

Regular Edition Black vinyl, screenprinted cover
Rockstar Club Edition Black vinyl w/ alternate screenprinted cover design (one little detail deviates)Buy it!

Side A
01. Reocurring Nightmares (Intro)
02. Into the Black
03. Shockwaves
04. Skatization of the Christian West
05. Transition Bound
06. No Gods, No Masters
Side B
01. Past Forward
02. Baz Knowz
03. ¡SixSixSixString!
04. Have Y’Ever
05. Hotel Dawn (Tour Song)
06. Start Today


The first sign of life after nearly 5 years from these five gentlemen out of Aachen. And a lot has happened since their debut in 2012. It’s still the same talented group of snotty punk rockers (members of WHEN THERE IS NONE, FOR THE DAY, SHERIDAN, DKB…) but they got rid of the upright bass and replaced the ‚psychobilly“ with a solid portion of „skate“. The songwriting on „Skatization of the Christian West“ is sophisticated and intelligent, so are the lyrics and don’t get me started on the awesome cover/artwork. 10 great songs of melodic punk rock with occasionally background choir mixed in, a Gorilla Biscuits cover and a clear message – Skate the System!

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