Nightmen – C’est la Vie Goodbye 7″

March 27, 2017 / R$R063 / Format 7″

Regular Edition Black Vinyl, screenprinted cover
Rockstar Club Edition Black vinyl w/ alternate screenprinted coverBuy it!

Side A
01. Ahahaha (Oh No)
02. City of Fun
Side B
01. Last Times
02. Dreaming My Days Away


The great and awesome NIGHTMEN are a sweet bunch of versatile musicians. This 7″ shows that impressively. After their highly acclaimed first full length „Fifteen Minutes of Pain“ which could be described as a nod to early New York’s heroes (New York Dolls, Ramones, etc.) here’s the next superb release on which the quartet from Malmö delivers 4 songs in the vein of Buzzcocks/Replacements/Nikki and the Corvettes. But this name dropping doesn’t do the band justice. NIGHTMEN are just a really good Garage/Punk/Power Pop Band and these brand new 4 songs prove it.