The Lost Tapes – s/t LP

July 1st, 2017 / R$R065 / Format LP

Regular Edition 180g vinyl & Roger Ballen‘s „Wild Child“ cover photo
Rockstar Club Edition 180g vinyl & Roger Ballen‘s „Wild Child“ coverphoto + Special lost tapeBuy it!

Side A
01. Temporary Interest
02. Out of Sync
03. Gross National Product
04. Lamps
Side B
01. Bomb Drop
02. The Nameless
03. Touch the Void
04. Tempus Fuckit


These 4 guys are our newest gift to the world. Already having played in a couple of other bands over the last decades they are quite experienced musicians and have finally found their perfect sound together. THE LOST TAPES are combining early 80’s post punk & wave (Joy Division & Wipers) with the
dark sound of nowadays‘ bands like the Estranged, Grave Pleasures or Arctic Flowers. Very catchy echoic/reverberant guitar and vocal melodies meet prominent bass lines and straight drumming. Also, awesome cover by Roger Ballen.