Gulag Beach – Potato Smash Bash LP

January 28th 2019 / R$R073 / Format LP

Regular Edition Black Vinyl
Limited Edition Red Vinyl
Rockstar Club EditionRed Vinyl w/ silk-screened CoverBuy it!

Side A
01. Potato Mash Bash
02. Ode To Capitalism
03. The Need To Be High
04. DINTE Pt.1
Side B
01. Dollar Hero
02. Generation Maybe
03. Don’t Wanna Be My Neighbor Tonite
04. DINTE Pt.2

Potato Smash Bash

Berlin’s Amoeba-Underground-Surf-Lineup is back on their fourth release with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakes in the corner of Black Hole & Beach
Boulevard and cracks open nuts of all angry German potato-citizens with the opener Potato Mash Bash, wonderful! At the other end „DINTE“ as chainsaw
ripper graduation with the active support of many guests on the mic, friendship without borders, punk with exclamation marks!
Between? Whether it’s an amphetamine addiction cream cut from the ZERO BOYS tube, or MODERN ACTION / BODIES sounding mode in the vein of
Hardcore Classics from the Agnew School or simply nude bathing with THE CROWD… GULAG BEACH will make you feel like being in a Posh Boy porn.
(Dirk Klotzbach)