The Lost Tapes – Inconvenience LP

February 15th 2019 / R$R072 / Format LP

Regular Edition Black Vinyl (180g) & Cover photo by Roger Ballen
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Side A
01. Cyanide
02. Dishonesty
03. Wrong Dimension
04. Without
05. Double Vision
Side B
01. No Relation
02. King Of Nothing
03. Turn To Red
04. Buildings
05. Tuxo


Ok, wow! If you liked the first LOST TAPES album you will definitely love their second record. This fantastic post punk band out of Aachen just came up with 10 brand new songs that merge the dark and punk sound of early 80’s Joy Division/The Cure/Wipers with contemporary bands like The Estranged or Grave Pleasures. What the fuck is the sophomore jinx? These 4 guys are better now than ever and happily serve you 40 Minutes of inconvenient joy. Awesome.