Scheisse Minnelli / Leise Minnelli – Split

January 2012 / R$R040 / Format 12″

500 copies on Beanies (US), Rockstar & Destiny RecordsBuy it!

Leise:  Henry, Henk, Simone | Skate-a-holic | TJ Nights | Sin And Tonic
Scheisse: Identity Crisis | Hardcore Bore | Corporate Hall | No Solution | I Have A Window

 A Split LP that makes no sense! One side contains everyhing we always knew and loved about Scheisse Minnelli: Fast thrashcore by the infernal Bavaria/California collaboration featuring Enfant Terrible Skate-a-holic Samuel „Action“ McGuire. 5 out-of-press & rare songs from the early days of the band, recorded between 2005 and 2006 in the spur of the moment as Scheisse Minnelli toured in the United States. On the flipside the same guys play 4 newly recorded songs in an unusual style of accoustic Swing Beat Surf Redneck Country Mariachi style. Yee-haw!