Bad Luck Charms – 5ive


May 2012 / R$R035 / Format 12″

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250 copies blood-edition black vinyl w/ silkscreened ipside
55 copies mailorder-edition clear vinyl w/ silkscreened glow-in- the-darkipside

01 Rich Girl
02 Stars‘n‘Stripes
03 66
04 Hero
05 Air Raid Rock

Dirty Rock’n’Roll straight outta the smelly clubs of NYC, fronted by Kerry Martinez (U.S. Bombs / Shattered Faith) and fueled by the syringe sound of the Heartbreakers, tongue in cheek of the Stones and all the snot of the Dead
Boys! Go for it if you don‘t wanna end up having to wait another 35 years!!!
The Lo-Down NY says: „The Bad Luck Charms come to us from Brooklyn with a rock and roll sensibility not dissimilar to the beloved Ramones of 1980s New York.“ We can go with that and gladly present 5 new sleazy Rock And Roll tunes!

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