Chip Hanna – Mucho Americana

CHIP HANNA mucho americana
October, 1 2011 / R$R031 / Format 7″

270 copies w/ black stamped label
30 copies w/ red stamped label, inludes the Chip Hanna Whiskey CoasterBuy it!

Pure Side: 01 Eldorado/ Spoken Word 02 A Vanishing Race

Blood Side: 01 Ballad Of The Six Gun

Tempe, Arizona 2009 Hanna Ranch at dusk, 36 degrees. „Outta the pool, we‘re leaving!“ Chippy says. After half an hour of driving in the old U.S. Bombs camper we‘re passing an oversized wooden sign, framed by a couple of guns and cactuses: „Welcome to Raw Hide – Home of the Arizona Rough Riders“. Walking through a western-theme-park outside business hours sure is a fun thing to do – still I do not have any clue what exactly we‘re doin‘ here! Then I hear shouting and some guys beating each other up…
Suddenly this all begins to make sense when I see Chip‘s former co-workers, the Roughriders, practising their next stuntshow and Chip unloading some technical stuff. Minutes later I find myself and the whole crew recording backing vocals and gunshots („You can sing – you can shoot“) in an off-the-wall studio here at the famous Six Gun Theater!
R$R HQ 2011 Back in Germany we‘re proud to finally hold the recordings in our hands – The true story of what happened at rawhide one day when Chip was still working there, plus a traditional indian song on the flipside. Two more tracks proving that the former U.S. Bombs/One Man Army drummer‘s burning ambition in playing Country music comes from the deepest heart! Chip Hanna is the real deal!

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