Crosstops – The Ego that ate the World


October, 23 2010 / R$R026 / Format LP / CD

500 black vinyl w/ oset gatefold cover
100 blue vinyl w/screenprinted gatefoldcover (R$R mailorder edition)
200 CDs in screenprinted digipakBuy it!

01 Dear Satan 02 Cockblocker 03 The Ego that Ate The World 04 Cocaine Angel 05 Bloodlust In The New Wild West 06 The Great American Ripo 07 Waisting Away Again 08 Camping With Two Bisexual Girls 09 A Long Way Home 10 I‘m Your Heathen Scum 11 Wine & Dine (Your Vagine) 12 Creature Of The Night 13 Somebody Came In Grandma‘s Hair 14 Booty Bump 15 Blow Me (A Kiss) 16 Dear Disgruntled

Crosstops from San Francisco consist of strange and impressive characters such as lead guitar master and vocals The Wooper (a.k.a. Barry „D’live“ Ward) who has served time for many years with R.K.L. (Rich Kids on LSD), and been a hired gun with the likes of Gwar, Me First & The Gimme Gimme’s, Don Cikuta (Spain) & many more. Eyeball (a.k.a. Isaac Camner) jams the Rhythm Guitar and is also known for a slew of music videos he’s directed for Bad Co lms & Hot Rod Pictures. Cecil B. Feeder (Also of The Bar Feeders) is the drum extraordinaire and rounding up the mix is Dui Goodpecker a.k.a. Clint Westwood of the South Bay phenomena Whiskey Avengers, Mad Drama and Trashkannon, kicking out the bass lines and handling vocals with ease. As a team the band will continue to infest the minds of those who listen and continue to inspire, entertain, inform and perhaps force feed the masses with a heavy morsel of rock candy guaranteed to curb almost any punk enthusiast’s sweet tooth, as well as stroke the soft spot of those who appreciate a dose of Americana.
The new record is the kind of a record that you hide from your parents or signicant other, hoping they’ll inadvertently find it and suddenly see that you’re cooler than they think you are. Or perhaps it’ll scare away someone you care about. Either way it is guaranteed to stir up something. You can’t pigeonhole this band with their particular brand of punk rock country tinged acidtized rock metal jazz comedy. But you can brand them as all around entertaining. “The Ego that ate the World” is an epic sonic assault on all things right and proper. The kind of record that makes other records cringe in shame and ask to be led next to the latest greatest spoon fed band avor of the week. So it’s not for the commercial minded sappy pop slop emo fans who can’t take a joke. But if you have a taste for the risqué, like a little danger, thrill, excitement and fun. It’s for you. All jokes aside… a recent quote from a die hard Crosstops fan was…. IT FUCKIN’ ROCKS!!!! And that it does.
Produced and engineered by The Wooper and Justin Phelps
Mastered by John Cuniberti (Also responsible for the mastering of the Dead Kennedy‘s)
Cover art by The Foz (You might have recognized his work for NOFX)