The Underground Railroad to Candyland & The Pricks – Split


July, 10 2008 / R$R023 / Format 10″

300 limited handnumbered silk-screened rubberstamped
copies on white vinyl. Plus 30 copies with different coverart available only through Rockstar RecordsBuy it!

THE PRICKS: 01 fuck you too 02 5 dollar hand job 03 I wish I could dance like sir henry fiat 04 don‘t rape 05 piss on me I‘m on fire 06 cover up 07 short song 08 is this a fucking date 09 pay to cum 10 contan 11 sick 12 go home

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND: 01 no way! miss usa! 02 age of consent 03 basty wolves 04 yuppie hip hop ad 05 livin‘ in a straw (in the summer of fraud)

Two wrongs make one right again! Splits are all the rage! So, what happened?
San Pedro, CA: In 2006 Mr. Todd Congelliere, founder and first chairman of Recess Records and mastermind of supercatchy teenage punkrock machines FYP and TOYS THAT KILL found himself not working at full capacity. So he gathered round some friends and former bandmates for a new project. THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND was born and Punk Rock pitchforked to the next level!

Örebro, SWE: In 1995 the man with the most creative arm-tattoos, Sir Janne Elfsten, raises later globalplayer Hard-On Records, to have a fitting label for his retard rockband, for the one and only, for the horrible PRICKS!
For over 10 years now the two singer‘s ways crossed on shows and compilations, in holidays and in mind until now the unescapable became terrific reality on 10 inches of true entertainment!
While THE PRICKS do the only thing they ever understood, namely playing superwicked 80‘s Westcoast trashpunk exceeding the limit at every point,
THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND created songs (by the way recorded by Brian „Hammy“ Hamilton of the unbelievable FLESHIES) that you can listen to on and on and you fall in love deeper with every sound! You have to dance, and dance hard. It is pure in the most basic definitions of that word – clear and true, absolute, utter, sheer, ceremonially, or ritually clean – They make you glad to be alive (as MaximumRock‘n‘Roll pictured it)…

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