The Pricks – Maximum S&M

PRICKS maximum s+m

May, 20 2005 / R$R021 / Format LP

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01. Midnight swim (intro) 02. Down on your knees 03. Roadkill 04. Zombie 05. I don’t want nobody else 06. Crash & burn 07. Drink & fight 08. Heavy metal sucks 09. I hate snowbored 10. LO vs. HFOS 11. I wanna….. 
12. I’ll beat you anyway 13. Leave town 14. We’re back 15. I wanna be a wino 16. No more chicks 17. Park – my ass! 18. Paul Zetterström 19. Night of the dildo 20. Can’t come in 21. 1993 22. I hate cops 23. Watcha gonna do about it 24. Trash the city

The Pricks play Punk Rock from Scandinavia with the superior feeling of the good old American west coast punk/hc from the 70’s and the 80’s. The sound is trashy at the same time very powerful. The songs are short and snappy. But they have shown excellent work in doing longer and slower songs like the highly beloved “Voices in my head” from their self titled 7” vinyl released by Hard-on Records (by the way singer Janne’s own record company) back in ’99. Soon to be released again on their upcoming singles collection.
In May last year the boys met up in an very old building in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm to finish their latest recording with producer/seducer Frank E.Male. It turned out great and resulted in a new album released by German punk/hc label Rockstar Records in May 2005.
The new album is according to many friends and a lot of people in the business their best work ever. It contains 23 new tracks including a cover of „I hate cops“ by The Authorities. Even here they have caught the feeling of 70’s and 80’s punk/hc. The expression is often aggressive, like in „Roadkill“ and „I hate snowbored„. But there’s also songs about friends and lost love. The vinylversion of this album is a 180g pressing and includes a high gloss pin-up poster of The Pricks‘ friend Maya Lofgren from Örebro.
The Pricks was formed late 1996 by three lost teenager misfits. The lineup have had some changes over the years and The Pricks is now a faboulus foursome and has been since 2002.
Elfsten: Vocals + Guitar, Face: Bass + back up vocals, Body: Drums, Mike: Guitar + Back up vocals

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