The Ghoulies – Reclaim the World

GHOULIES reclaim the world

October, 1 2004 / R$R020 / Format LP/CD

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01 Reclaim The World 02 Wage Slave 03 Can’t Hear You 04 Live Fast Die Uneducated 05 John Walker 06 Open Eyes 07 Occupation Of Time 08 I Don’t Believe 
09 Automatic Generation 10 Lonely Minority 11 Klimenko 12 Straw Men 13 Waving Flags 14 Barricade Alright 15 No Fences, No Borders 16 All Systems Down

The Ghoulies are back to reclaim the world with new songs of high energy punk rock. After extensive touring and endless miles of German highway the boys from Uppsala/Sweden went into the studio to record the follow-up of their Communication album, released in 2002.
The new album titled Reclaim The World features 16 songs of questioning lyrics and intense music. A musical reflection of the world that we live in. Their new record picks up where the Communication album left us wanting more. With song titles such as John Walker and Lonely Minority, The Ghoulies continue to keep the anarchistic spirit of questioning everything we take for granted alive. This time guest musicians are Berry J Volume (OUTBREAK), Steff (DISKONTO) and Max Ali (DOWN&AWAY/Ex-VOICE OF A GENERATION)
Reclaim The World will be a good soundtrack for the new world order!

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