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1. artless 2. sometimes i wonder 3. the three r’s 4. undisclosed 5. sleepless 6. chris‘ song 7. self made 8. shacknasty 9. jrs-one 10. excommunication 11. mantua 12. one wish 13. mcmxcviii 14. doubt 15. looking into nothing 16. jay’s song [victimise] 17. burning 18. nothing left 19. sommerset 20. warning 21. lifetime 22. beyond the line

More Songs from Last Century contains all of Sommerset’s vital 20th century releases, including 1996’s sought-after “Self-Titled” EP, 1997’s landmark debut album “More Songs” and much more. The songs contained on this CD have been largely unavailable for some time.
The “Self-Titled” EP, released by the band in 1996 sold out of its 500 copies within a year. It contains early classics such as “Nothing Left” and the band’s early theme song “Sommerset”, recorded when vocalist/guitarist Ryan Thomas was 17. For those scouring the secondhand shops in search of an original, “More Songs from Last Century” is a welcome release.
In 1997 Sommerset released a split 7” EP with Australian touring partners Mid Youth Crisis. The EP featured “Jay’s Song (Victimise)”, a long-time live favourite. The 500 available in New Zealand sold out long ago and the 2 Sommerset songs from this release have become a rare commodity. In early 1998 Sommerset released “More Songs”, their acclaimed debut album. Featuring classics such as “Artless”, “Undisclosed” and “Shacknasty”, this 27-minute wonder sold out of its 500 copies within a year. It was re-printed for the German market in 1999, but has been unavailable in New Zealand for some time. “More Songs” received glowing reviews in US punk rock ‚zines such as “Maximum Rock’n’Roll”, “HeartAttack” and “Punk Planet”.
In 1999 Sommerset released another split EP, this time with Australians 28 Days. Their contribution included the song “1998”, an integral part of the Sommerset live show. Once again, the songs from this release have been out of circulation until now. Finally, so many of those songs that people have come away singing after one of Sommerset’s live shows are again available on CD. For fans of old whose 7”s have worn out from constant playing, whose original CD pressings have gone missing, “More Songs from Last Century” is a great way to pick up all their old favourites on one CD. For new fans whose introduction to Sommerset was their latest album “Fast Cars, Slow Guitars”, “More Songs from Last Century” is the perfect way to discover the legendary back catalogue that has been so hard to find until now. Sommerset will be playing many of the songs from “More Songs from Last Century” at this year’s Big Day Out, and on their second tour of Europe and the U.K. beginning March, where they will play over 50 shows. Praise for “More Songs”:
Definitely the record of this summer ! This one is for all of you who missed Lifetime as much as I did. Missed ? Yes because Sommerset mix their greatest moments with a slight touch of Saves The Day, older (more melodic) Good Riddance and the blasting parts of Kid Dynamite.

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