Atrox vs. Eaves – Split


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EAVES 8. kopfgeburt 9. teenage life sentence 10. konsensleben 11. good caring citizen 12. willkommen im club 13. allein unter vielen 14. instrumental 15. writing holden caulfield won´t be a solution for me 16. i hope you´ll die happy 17. file under: sick and tired

EAVES is a Hardcore-band from Aachen in Germany.
They play a mixture between fast new school Hardcore with a melodic touch and some screamo- and moshelements without losing their roots in Punkrock. Their style is often compared to bands like LOXIRAN, AGE, or straighter ENGRAVE with a melodic edge. In some reviews their style was named ‘Emo-Violence’. Their lyrics deal with personal and political subjects, which takes an important place in the lives of the members, who are all into political activities such as animal rights and the anti-globalisation-movement. The lyrics are mostly written in German as it is the mothertongue of the members, which allows them to express themselves in a deeper way. The band was formed in 2001 and since then they played a lot of shows in and around Aachen. After they released a 4-Song Demo CD in late 2001 they started playing shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. In March 2002 the played a few shows on a Mini-Tour in Germany and Belgium. In Summer 2002 they recorded 10 songs for a Split-Double LP with the German band ATROX,  which is out on Rockstar Records. Then in march 2003, they played a second tour in Germany. A split 7″ with the German band FRANCIS BRADY will be released in August when EAVES are going on tour again with their friends from ENGRAVE. A second album is planned for the end of this year.

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