Down and Away – Make it Matter

DOWN AND AWAY make it matter

R$R014 / Format MCD

1. right here 2. up against the world 3. so many times 4. get in line 5. gone 6. more or less

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Down And Away
…is a band from skersund/Örebro (Sweden) that have been playing hardhitting streetpunk since 1998. All the members have known each other since playground and music has always been a central part of their lives. The past 2 years they have been playing alot of shows both in Sweden aswell as Europe. They have recived alot of good critics for their liveperformance and their records are really appreciated among punkrockers and other alternative humans. If you haven’t heard or seen them, it’s about time you explore this astonishing great band both live and on records.

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