For the Day – Love isn’t Brains, Children…

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FOR THE DAY love isnt brains, children

2003 / R$R010 / Format LP/CD


Actually it was only meant to be a side-project when some members of the Aachen-based Hardcore outfits Engrave, Sheridan and Cleansweep got together in spring 1999, just in order to play some melodic stuff besides all their usual noise. Driven by the excitement about their own music and the good response from the crowd at shows, it soon became evident that FOR THE DAY wouldn’t remain a single time project. But instead of easier it got harder to make the side-project become an autonomous band. So after a year guitar player Roland Stollenwerk decided to leave FOR THE DAY. Since he had moved to Cologne with his main band Engrave, working together had become impossible for FOR THE DAY. Soon Roland Hodi was found as an ideal substitute. From then on the band played shows and worked on new material on a regular base. In December 2000 a demo was released which contained seven songs and one live video track. In spite of the rather poor practice room recording quality it was well circulated with no less than 670 units. But playing live was still the main goal for the band and besides many shows with bands such as Down By Law, Leatherface, Pale, Turbo A.C.’s, Reiziger, Tagtraum, Milemarker, Muff Potter, NRA, Sommerset or Venerea, FOR THE DAY played tours all over Germany with their label-mates Atrox from Mainz and Nothing In Common from Cologne. It must have been the success of the demo and the convincing live appearance that led to the deal for the debut full-length „Love Isn’t Brains,
Children…„, which was released in January 2002 as co-production of Rockstar Records, Scene Police Records and Weird Science Records. The twelve tracks were recorded and produced at legendary Bunts Studio by Menno Bakker (Seein Red, Mainstrike, NRA, True Blue, Eyeball,…). In June 2003 the second album will be released on Rockstar Records. Furthermore the Aachen based lable Three Kings Records is going to release a Christmas Single in 2003. FOR THE DAY play Punkrock combining elements of classical Hardcore as well as modern Emo Rock. Even though they never intended to sound like one or another special band, the strong influences of bands like Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Samiam, Dag Nasty, Hüsker Dü or All can’t be denied. Fully aware of the musical tradition they dwell in, they managed to create the unique FOR THE DAY sound.

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