Komplikations – Poverty LP

komplikation poverty

October 12, 2013 / R$R 045 / Format LP

Regular Edition w/ postersleeve, black vinyl
Mailorder Edition 62 copies w/ poster- and green silkscreen sleeve, green vinyl
Releaseparty Edition
35 copies w/ poster- and red silkscreen sleeve, green vinyl Club Edition w/ poster- and golden silkscreen sleeve, green vinyl

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Side A  Apathy (3:20) | Down (2:38) | Sans sentiments (3:08) | Reduce (3:11)

Side B 1. Poverty (5:08) | I night (4:15)

This is the sophomore release by this 3-piece group from Aachen/Liège after their debut 12″ from 2012. Dark synthesizers, pissed vocals (one track in german!) combined with the well-known straight drumming. Still in the veins of late 70’s US west coast bands like Screamers or Units, this LP features six songs that will let you forget the purpose of guitars in a punk band. It will make you either wanna dance to it or break some shit. Eventually both.

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