Scheisse Minnelli – Sorry State Of Affairs LP

sorrystate_final_400 May, 23rd, 2014 / R$R 049 / Format LPBuy it!

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Part.1 (Hessian Nightmares)
1.)Lost in Translation 2.) Looking Glass 3.) Bad Luck 4.) Cafe Fix 5.) Room of Doom 6.) In The Ghetto
Part.2 (California Dreams)
1.) Bags of Danger 2.) The Voices 3.) Wasted Talent 4.) Memory Lane 5.) Mal Pais 6.) Cycle of Abuse

Awesome. Scheisse Minnelli’s new LP is a raging 12-song skate-hardcore-trash-punk monster. This is exactly what you need to listen to while skateboarding through your shitty town. It’s (literally) a mixture of Hessian Nightmares and California Dreams…

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