Scheisse Minnelli/General Fucking Principle – Best at its Worst LP

October 31st 2014 / R$R048 / Format LP

Regular edition Black Vinyl
Preorder edition Green/Yellow Vinyl
Club edition Green/Yellow Vinyl w/ a PatchBuy it!

Side G.F.P.                                          Side Scheisse Minnelli
01. Fuck This Whole System                     01. EMB
02. Bad Influence                                        02. The Game Of Life
03. Shock And Awe                                     03. Let The Pig Out
04. Community Service                             04. It Ain’t A Party
05. Heads Or Tails                                      05. Retarded Disco (feat. Tesco Vee)

Holy Shit! This Split LP comes right out of skatevana! The LA Band ‘General Fucking Principle’ (G.F.P.) features former Dogtown Kid and first ever Skateboarding World Champion Tony Alva, Mr. Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks & Bad Religion, Crazy Tom who sang in ‘Dead Fucking Last’ (D.F.L.) – you know that band that had that Drummer from Suicidal Tendencies, Amery AWOL Smith who also plays the drums on this unique release. That’s right – it’s a ‘who is who’ of LA Punk Rock/Hardcore and Skateboarding History. And that’s exactly what you get here. Raging Punk Rock with no fillers whatsover. It’s their first release on vinyl ever!
Further more, there’s also the younger generation of that sound on the flipside. The 5 guys in Scheisse Minnelli truly know how to mix hardcore with skatepunk, that’s for sure. Also, they got Tesco Vee (The Meatmen) featured on one of their songs, so be prepared to have your mind blown and get your dirty old skateboard out on the street again. Killer LP with amazing artwork.

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