No More Art – Sorrows Of Youth LP

November 30 2014 / R$R051 / Format LP

Regular edition Black Vinyl
Limited edition Grey Vinyl & Bonus Song (Download)
Club edition Grey Vinyl, Silkscreen Poster & Bonus Song (Download)Buy it!

Side A
01. Sorrows Of Youth
02. The Walled City
03. The Young King
04. Last Lucid Moments
Side B
01. Ghosts
02. False Confessions
03. Absolute Zero
04. Icarus

Here it is, boys and girls! The long-awaited debut album from NO MORE ART! After a couple of fantastic 7″s, this beautiful 8-song record is finally seeing the light of day. Think of Masshysteri with a touch of The Estranged. This LP features members from Born/Dead, Red Dons and Rhonda and it sounds like, well, the perfect combination of Red Dons, Born/Dead and Rhonda.
Available on limited grey and black vinyl at!

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