Miscalculations – Sharp Solution 12″

October, 06th 2018 / R$R070 / Format 12″, S/Sided

Regular Edition White Vinyl w/ silkscreened Flipside
Rockstar Club EditionBlack Vinyl w/ silkscreened FlipsideBuy it!

Side A
01. Sharp Solution
02. Standing On Shoulders
03. Window To A Wall
04. Shallow Water
05. I See Crosses
06. Recreating The Accident

Sharp Solution

To all of you who eagerly waited for some new songs from the great Miscalculations – Here’s the best news. We pressed six awesome tracks into a single-sided vinyl record and screenprinted the ipside to make this slice of plastic a really beautiful piece of art. More synthies this time and still the best blend of post punk a la Wire, Joy Division mixed with some electro in the vein of the Units, Screamers, Vicious Visions and a dose of Scandinavian / Euro punk like Masshysteri, Tristess, Invasionen etc.