When There Is None – Fuck Death!

May 1st 2020 / R$R075 / Format LP

Regular Edition 300 copies pressed on Green Vinyl
Rockstar Club Edition Green Vinyl w/ alternate Cover Buy it!

Side A
01. Waves Of Sleep
02. Missile Youth
03. Don’t Pry For Mojo (or the Ability To Feel)
04. Whirlwind
05. Death To The Salesman
06. Fuck Death!
Side B
01. Dying Daze
02. Flood
03. Sour Lies
04. Somatotropin Blues
05. Wild Animals
06. Kalt

Fuck Death!

From the first few riffs of “Fuck Death!”, you can tell you are in for a special treat. This is not your typical 3-chord punk rock wasteland – this is a very well written post hardcore/punk album. And it took those 4 guys only 6 years to record it…you can tell When There Is None perfected their sound & writing over the years.
12 songs. More melodies than power chords. More sing-alongs than boredom. A hybrid somewhere between Small Brown Bike, Leatherface and Dinosaur Jr. – this album keeps on growing with every spin.
Also, finally a concept we all can agree on. Fuck Death!