Monatsarchiv: März 2014

Trash the City – Rockstar Label Fest

Hey Fans! It’s time for our annual thingy where we can pat ourselves on the back and realize what great fucking music and bands are related to the Rockstar Records family.

This time, on April 25, these are No More Art, Modern Pets, Toys That Kill aaand two more special guests (one band’s name is the longest I know and the other one’s rather short).

You might have heard of one or two of those…Be there (AZ Aachen) and cherish us!

Voight-Kampff – New 7″

Introducing a new band on the Rockstar Records roster: Voight Kampff from St. Louis and Minneapolis!
And yes, the band’s name is a reference to that awesome movie Blade Runner, which is quite fitting, ‚cause their sound is a bit dark. Think of late Observers or even Red Dons mixed with Ian Curtis‘ Voice or something.

They will be playing a couple of shows with No Problem in May and we’re proud to release a Europe-Tour 7″ together with P.Trash, Erste Theke Tonträger & Cut The Cord That…
Listen to their first release on Bandcamp to get psyched!

G.F.P. / Scheisse Minnelli – Split

Geez. Do you remember the skateboard legend Tony Alva? Or that bald dude from Bad Religion and Circle Jerks (to be fair, Greg Hetson used to have hair back in the day)? Do you know what that singer from Dead Fucking Last, Crazy Tom, has been up to lately?

Well, let me tell you! Together they formed General Fucking Principle a while back and have since been playing quite a lot shows. And now it’s time to put some of that raging Punk Rock on vinyl for the first time! That’s right. Our buddies from Scheisse Minnelli are going to release a split 12″ with these 4 guys from L.A. this summer and it’s gonna be wild. We’ll keep you posted!


Furthermore, we will release a newalbum from Scheisse Minnelli soonish. It’s gonna be packed with fucking cool punk rock & hardcore tunes, That’s the record you will be listening to while skating through the city this summer…so watch out for that one, too!

If you want to listen to these new songs even before they are officially released, make sure to catch them playing the crossbone fest on friday or at the Baracke in Münster on saturday! According to their recent post on facebook, they will be playing almost every new song…

Komplikations – Video & new Single coming soon

AlenKomplikations have been busy as a bee! They just shot their first music video at Le Cafe Central in Brussels for the song „Apathy“ which appears on their second release „Poverty„. I guess that was even a first time for any Rockstar Records Band to make a video…I’m not sure though. Well, who cares.

Anyway, here’s even more news from your favourite non-guitar band. There’s a single in the making. Hooray! We are going to release a brandnew 7″ by this great trio in the near future. And let me tell you, these new songs …wow! More infos on that pretty soon…