Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2014

When There Is None – Warpaint LP limited Mailorder Edition!


This town is an ashtray. And the sky doesn’t give a shit. It just looks bored and grey.

Boy, you can really tell that these 4 guys are from the beautiful yet rainy city of Aachen. But jokes aside, ‚Warpaint‘ will remind you of an awesome mixture of Leatherface meets Hot Water Music meets Hüsker Dü. Sandpapery voice, melody driven post-hardcore guitars and very tight drumming. You’ll try to sing along with one fist in the air and it will sound awful, but you’ll still keep going. Because it’s just that good.

This is the second album after their self-released debut back in 2012. The mailorder edition comes in a different, silkscreened Cover on beautiful seablue vinyl and is strictly limited to 83 copies. If you’re more of a regular-guy/girl-type…that one is also available on black vinyl right here at!

Scheisse Minnelli/General Fucking Principle – Best at its Worst LP

Holy Shit! This Split LP comes right out of skatevana! The LA Band ‚General Fucking Principle‘ (G.F.P.) features former Dogtown Kid and first ever Skateboarding World Champion Tony Alva, Mr. Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks & Bad Religion, Crazy Tom who sang in ‚Dead Fucking Last‘ (D.F.L.) – you know that band that had that Drummer from Suicidal Tendencies, Amery AWOL Smith who also plays the drums on this unique release. That’s right – it’s a ‚who is who‘ of LA Punk Rock/Hardcore and Skateboarding History. And that’s exactly what you get here. Raging Punk Rock with no fillers whatsover. It’s their first release on vinyl ever!
Further more, there’s also the younger generation of that sound on the flipside. The 5 guys in Scheisse Minnelli truly know how to mix hardcore with skatepunk, that’s for sure. Also, they got Tesco Vee (The Meatmen) featured on one of their songs, so be prepared to have your mind blown and get your dirty old skateboard out on the street again. Killer LP with amazing artwork. The limited Pre-Order Edition on green vinyl can be ordered right here at! Records will be shipped around Halloween.

Please send us an email if you’re interested in a press release including a download of the album!