Monatsarchiv: Januar 2019

The Lost Tapes – Inconvenience LP

Ok, wow! If you liked the first LOST TAPES album you will definitely love their second record. This fantastic post punk band out of Aachen just came up with 10 brand new songs that merge the dark and punk sound of early 80’s Joy Division/The Cure/Wipers with contemporary bands like The Estranged or Grave Pleasures. What the fuck is the sophomore jinx? These 4 guys are better now than ever and happily serve you 40 Minutes of inconvenient joy. Awesome.

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Gulag Beach – Potato Mash Bash LP

Berlin’s Amoeba-Underground-Surf-Lineup is back on their fourth release with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakes in the corner of Black Hole & Beach Boulevard and cracks open nuts of all angry German potato-citizens with the opener Potato Mash Bash, wonderful! At the other end „DINTE“ as chainsaw ripper graduation with the active support of many guests on the mic, friendship without borders, punk with exclamation marks!
Between? Whether it’s an amphetamine addiction cream cut from the ZERO BOYS tube, or MODERN ACTION / BODIES sounding mode in the vein of Hardcore Classics from the Agnew School or simply nude bathing with THE CROWDGULAG BEACH will make you feel like being in a Posh Boy porn.
(Dirk Klotzbach)

The limited vinyl is out now!

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Komplikations – No Good News 12″

KOMPLIKATIONS fifth release is yet another 12″ that proves they just don’t run out of great melodies, awesome harmonies, smart lyrics and aggressive dance beats. No Good News starts with synthesizers that sound like a car with engine troubles but don’t get fooled – these 5 songs will take you on a wild ride through a mixture of emotions. Joy, hate, disbelief, frustration and mourning.
No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals. Still Punk as fuck!

This beautiful record comes in pinkish vinyl and is officially out now!!! Don’t sit on this one..

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Van Dammes – Risky Business EP

Hello and a very Happy New Year! I’m just here to announce our newest addition to the label roster. VAN DAMMES! Those 4 guys hail from Helsinki and are fucking great! If you like your Punk Rock with just the right amount of dirty organ and snotty Garage, you might have found your new favourite band right here.

With their new EP on Rockstar Records they pretty much perfected the mixture of catchy hooks, melodic riffs and scruffy noise. For fans of Marked Men, Sedatives and Statues. There’s even a little bit of Zebrassierers in there, if you remember that band. 6 Songs on this 7″ – all killer.

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