Monatsarchiv: November 2016

News Mews Phews

We have a ton of new releases coming up. And they are pretty great, too!

So if you need any x-mas gifts for your loved ones or people you really really hate, be ready to get out your check book. Or is it paypal-account nowadays? Hm, doesn’t sound that great. Anyway.

Look and listen closely.

Pretty Hurts – s/t LP

Coming up in a few weeks. This is their first full length and their second release on Rockstar Records. We are very happy, excited and proud to be a part of their journey through the sound of noise’n’punk. Killer album!


Komplikations – Humans EP

Humans“ is already the 4th release by this exceptionally good band from the borderlands of Germany, France and Belgium. And they don’t get boring, if anything these songs are more intense than ever. Coming sometime this year, we’re hoping…you enjoy this one for now!

But there’s still more!

We will have a brand new full length album from Aachen’s own THE MEXICAN WOLFBOYS  out soonish! Expect a wild ride through Punk Rock and Roll and Shit. It’s too soon to show you the artwork but we’ll have a song for you in a couple of days! So, you can look forward to that and get into your early christmas spirit…

Last but not least we’re very happy to release the newest project by ex-members from Idle Hands, Blank Pages, Die Tunnel, Out on a limb, Dulac and Randy’s Ripcord. Yeah, you read that correctly.

RUBY is going to put out a neat 7″ in the next couple of weeks to support their upcoming tour. ..just the announcement should get you excited.
We will keep you posted w/ artwork, songs, preorder? Dunno – we’ll see 🙂