Miscalculations – Kill The Whole Cast – LP out now!!!

September 8th 2015 / R$R056 / Format LP

Regular Edition Offset Cover
Rockstar Edition Silkscreened Coverart (this one…)
Rockstar Club Edition Silkscreened Coverart (different Colors)

Side A
01. The Worst Possible Advise
02. Silk For Month
03. The Same Needle
04. Broken Skin
05. Impossible To Trace
06. Metamorphosis
Side B
01. Without A face
02. Kill The Whole Cast
03. The Portait Paints Itself
04. Organ Donor
05. Born Blind
06. Sunburned In Sleep

Kill The Whole Cast

Miscalculations have done it again! This is their third strike and they’re getting better with every new record! This album will blow you away. We’re very happy to release Kill The Whole Cast in a highly limited edition of 85 handnumbered silkscreened alternate covers. Oh, and those 12 awesome songs are scratched into a beautiful black/white splatter vinyl lp. Released in cooperation with FDH (US) and P.Trash for Germoney. Get yours right here at PUNKORDER.COM

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